The men who made Antonio Conte: Trapattoni, Lippi, Ancelotti and Sacchi

Antonio Conte looks likely to become the fourth Italian manager to win the Premier League in eight seasons. He learned from the best of them

By Matt Gault for These Football Times, of the Guardian Sport Network

Some footballers have the privilege of working under gifted tacticians and winners during their careers, but it’s the smartest players who take it upon themselves to become students. Antonio Conte was both influential and influenced during his decorated playing career at Juventus. The tenacious box-to-box midfielder spent his career learning and his premium apprenticeship was the kind of higher education any aspiring coach would have been desperate to embark on.

Conte learned from a quartet of esteemed Italian managerial minds: Giovanni Trapattoni, Marcello Lippi, Arrigo Sacchi and Carlo Ancelotti. He admired his teachers and the admiration was undoubtedly mutual. In Conte, his managers had a born leader, an influential voice in the dressing room who put the team first. Conte’s managers inherited an excellent midfielder who was central to Juventus for over a decade, while Conte himself received the ultimate coaching manual. The Chelsea manager has always believed that you are either with or against the team and that ideology has served him well.

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Source: Football News
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