Fed up with playing the quaint artefact role

Today: Wayne (again), a glowing appraisal of an Evening with Eric Cantona, and BT Sport’s surefire sign that the world is jiggered

It is sad indeed when a once-prominent individual reaches the stage where his abilities dwindle, his allure fades and his best efforts are greeted with a shrug or baroque swearing. Oh yes, The Fiver would certainly hate to get anywhere near that point. So if you ever detect signs of decline in the world’s foremost tea-timely football-related email, be sure to drop a line to readerslettersbin@theguardian.com. Until then, spare a thought for Wayne Rooney, whose search for a team to provide him with a guaranteed starting place has been complicated by the failure of everyone in the world to offer a route back into management to Mr Roy.

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