Harry Arter: ‘I felt more pressure changing a nappy than playing football’

The Bournemouth midfielder, whose first child was stillborn, has a ‘spring in his step’ again after the recent birth of his daughter Raine

The 170-odd mile coach journey from Bournemouth to Birmingham, to the team hotel on Friday afternoon, will have proved more poignant to Harry Arter than most. It was in the Midlands 14 months ago, the night before a 2-1 win over West Bromwich Albion, that the “realisation of what happened” hit him. Nine days earlier his fiancee Rachel had given birth to a stillborn daughter, Renee. Arter broke down and walked out of the hotel, sobbing.

Arter heads back to the Hawthorns on Saturday, with a new baby daughter waiting at home for him. At midday last Friday, in a planned caesarean, Raine Renee Arter was born at the Portland hospital in Marylebone, London. “It has been an emotional week but I am very happy,” Arter says. “It is very hard to put into words because I was kind of in shock, I guess. There was a lot of anxiety and it was a strange moment, really. It was a surreal day. Anyone who has had a caesarean before, the procedure is actually quite quick. From the time they put the epidural in her back – which started to work after five to 10 minutes – the baby was out within four minutes.I don’t think anything in my life will be able to replicate that feeling.”

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Link : Harry Arter: ‘I felt more pressure changing a nappy than playing football’

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