Lawrie McMenemy: ‘Southampton didn’t have a cat in hell’s chance’

Former Saints manager remembers the 1976 Wembley showpiece that gave Southampton their first silverware after a shock defeat of Manchester United

Lawrie McMenemy answered the phone in his room at the team hotel. It was the morning of the 1976 FA Cup final and the voice on the other end carried a distinctive West Country burr. It was Mick Channon, one of the key members of the Southampton team McMenemy would send out to face Manchester United at Wembley later in the day.

“Gafuuuur,” McMenemy says, mimicking Channon. “He wanted to know whether I had seen the bookies’ prices. I said: ‘No, what are they, Michael?’ He said: ‘Six or seven to one.’ He was effing this and effing that. He said: ‘We’re total, so-and-so, underdogs. We haven’t got a cat in hell’s chance.’ And that was how it was. There were two horses in the race and you could get six or seven to one on one of them.”

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Source: Football News
Link : Lawrie McMenemy: ‘Southampton didn’t have a cat in hell’s chance’

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