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Today: spilt popcorn, blue romance and a disgraceful snub

Today should really be a sombre day for Leicester City. Sure, they won their first game in two months on Monday night. Sure, they scored a league goal for the first time since New Year’s Eve. Sure, they played with a vibrancy that’s been missing from their game for weeks, if not months. But this is not something to be pleased about. No, in fact the Leicester players should instead be spending their time in quiet contemplation, possibly on a bed of nails and with only stale bread and water for sustenance. They should not receive the applause of a relieved city. They should not celebrate. Why? Well, because why weren’t they beating Liverpool 3-1 every week? Why didn’t it occur to them to play well before, instead of choosing to play badly? Why didn’t they try? The latter part seems to be the thrust of things, as people have decided that the Leicester players had checked out, downed tools and decided they weren’t going to give a flying one while playing for lovely old Claudio Ranieri, nation’s grandpa. Jamie Carragher said this was the first game he’s seen where “both teams should hang their heads in shame.” One journalist called them ‘snakes’. Assorted other pundits, both professional and armchair, decided that the Leicester players should be embarrassed for not doing well for a while, then doing well in one game.

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