No more blunders? Video assistant referees 'could change football forever'

• Ifab aims for ‘minimum interference for maximum benefit’
• David Elleray says VARs could also help in red-card matters

It is hoped that the introduction of video assistant referees (VARs) on a trial basis in next season’s FA Cup will ensure incidents such as Diego Maradona’s infamous “Hand of God” goal and player simulation will become a thing of the past, although the body behind its implementation has admitted there remain some grey areas that must be thoroughly tested before the system is ratified for next year’s World Cup.

Last week the Football Association announced that VARs will be utilised from the third round of the FA Cup in 2018 after successful trials that have been organised by the International Football Association Board (Ifab) – the organisation that determines the laws of the game – in several countries over the past 12 months. The system, under which video referees and an assistant will analyse “match-changing situations” from a central location or a facility at the stadium, has been designed to adjudicate only when a clear error has been made by the match referee, including goals, penalties, straight red cards and cases of mistaken identity.

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Source: Football News
Link : No more blunders? Video assistant referees ‘could change football forever’

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