'A slap in the face for many Mexicans': our writers on the 2026 World Cup bid

The US, Mexico and Canada have submitted a joint bid to host the tournament. But is it a fair deal for fans across the three countries?

David Rudin, Toronto based football writer: Good news – Canada’s only liable for 12.5% of this boondoggle. If that sounds like damning with faint praise, you have located the central tension of this joint bid. Insofar as Fifa hosting rights are really just an excuse to sacrifice much of a nation’s sovereignty for a month and spend ungodly sums, Canada has dodged a bullet here. The nation would have to waste a lot of money on soccer-specific stadia to host 80 matches, so this bid is definitely preferable to the alternative of Canada hosting on its own. That, however, does not make it a good idea.

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Source: Football News
Link : ‘A slap in the face for many Mexicans’: our writers on the 2026 World Cup bid

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