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Today: a feast of Fifa economics, football activities in Sydney and lots of Ian Marshall

Monday night marked the start of Passover, the Jewish festival celebrating their people’s famous plague-assisted exodus from Egypt, which took place many years ago when they were led by a younger, ruggedly handsome and extremely persuasive Charlton Heston. And on the very same day, actual real events provided a creepily accurate reminder of that period in human history. Fans of The Bible and/or Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals may well remember a technicolour dreamcoat-toting Joseph deciphering a pharoah’s dream about seven fat cows and seven healthy heads of grain being cannibalised by a variety of thin and weedy cattle and grain-heads. For the benefit of those who fall outside those two groups, Joseph’s interpretation was that this prophesied seven years of plenty, which would be followed by seven years of famine.

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