Premier League: 10 things to look out for on the final day of the season

John Terry will say goodbye to Chelsea with the title, José Mourinho will pick his weakest team yet and Manchester City should tread carefully at Watford

The best team in the league face the worst team in the league in a match that will be played in a carefree atmosphere by everyone except John Terry, whose 717th and final Chelsea appearance will end with him – together with Gary Cahill – lifting the Premier League trophy, followed by a teary-eyed farewell speech to the fans. Sunday is the end of an era for Terry, his club and their opponents Sunderland, relegated at last after 10 successive top-flight seasons. Terry’s beer-glass-emptying, disabled-bay-filling, rival-abusing, full-kit-wearing past means he gets little love from rival fans, but on the field his record for Chelsea has been one of astonishing consistency and achievement. This week he said he had “still not ruled out Sunday being my last game and retiring from football”, and having seen his England captaincy come to a sudden and humiliating end, and his international career follow it in short order, he must be sorely tempted to enjoy one loud, loving, self-determined send-off. SB

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