Arsène Wenger searches for formula to end Arsenal’s bad run at Chelsea

• Arsenal have lost their past five matches at Stamford Bridge
• Wenger may revert to back four after switch worked against Cologne

Being questioned about tactics is never Arsène Wenger’s favourite thing. On his list of irritations that must be tolerated as part of the job, it seems to be a high flyer. So in the immediate aftermath of Thursday night’s chaotic Europa League game, with questions flying around about the handling of overcrowding, ticketing, fan behaviour and a kick-off delay, when the Arsenal manager was politely asked about whether he was leaning towards a return to a good old back four after his recent dalliance with a defensive trio, he looked a little irked. It says a lot that he was probably more comfortable dealing with the issue of crowd control than how he wishes to set up his team strategically.

On Sunday Arsenal face another of those worrying away fixtures against top sides that tend to be bring out the vulnerabilities in their make-up. Stamford Bridge has not been the scene for a happy excursion for a while, with five Premier League defeats in a row on Chelsea’s turf (at an aggregate score of 15-2). If Arsenal are to attempt to make sure they can compete with more substance than they managed with their meek trip to Anfield last time they hit the road, the way they set up is important.

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Link : Arsène Wenger searches for formula to end Arsenal’s bad run at Chelsea

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