Football transfer rumours: Chelsea's Eden Hazard to Real Madrid next summer?

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According to Don Balón, Zinedine Zidane has his greedy eye on Chelsea’s Eden Hazard, who could be part of a wide-scale rebuilding project at the end of this season if it looks like Real Madrid’s current squad – and in particular their “BBC” attacking trident – are on a downward slope. David de Gea (inevitably), Paulo Dybala and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang are also mentioned, with the newspaper suggesting that “if Real’s performance is sub-optimal over this campaign, after two quiet transfer windows we could see a very busy summer in 2018”, adding that Zidane has given the current side until Christmas to impress him, after which he will begin serious planning for next season.

There is news, though, about David de Gea’s immediate future. In April his £3.85m home was put up for sale (not by De Gea himself, mind – he was only renting) sparking rumours that he was about to leave Manchester for Madrid. Then in June, after the sale of the property was completed and just in time for the transfer window, he moved out. Now, three weeks after that window ended without an outbound transfer, he has moved into a new place just 500 yards from the first, a development the Sun has interpreted as “hinting at a long-term Manchester United stay”.

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