Jürgen Klopp two years on – how much progress has been made? | Barney Ronay

Liverpool are a better side than they were at the end of Brendan Rodgers’ reign but a rampant Manchester United visit Anfield on Saturday and will be 10 points ahead of their rivals if they win

Welcome back, then, the Premier League. Now. Where were we? Tasked with hitting the big dramatic notes from the start after two weeks of international break, the Premier League’s focus groups and script-editing teams could hardly have come up with a better opening act than Manchester United’s trip to Liverpool this Saturday lunchtime. Skip the intro. Let’s just turn it all right back up to 11.

Not that there’s anything new here, just some old, fond, familiar flavours. Cut the Premier League season open anywhere you like in the last decade or so and the chances are you’ll find José Mourinho contemplating another potentially season-spoiling trip to Anfield. Or the latest eminent tactician scratching his head and wondering why previously workable defensive systems have been infected with the dreaded Premier League flakiness. Not to mention an agreeably sweeping clash of styles, in this case muscular team defence versus adrenal, scattergun attack.

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Link : Jürgen Klopp two years on – how much progress has been made? | Barney Ronay

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