The Fiver | A major diplomatic row in the Championship

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At this stage in the season it should not be hard for a team to have some idea how a rival might play. Most have, after all, played a couple of dozen games already. The greatest clue of all would have come in their previous meeting, most teams having already played most other teams in their division. Sometimes, however, this alone will not do. Take Nasty Leeds, for example, who thumped Frank Lampard’s Derby County 4-1 when they met way back in early August and host the return fixture on Friday evening. “We can’t rely on the fact we played against them five months ago,” sniffed Marcelo Bielsa. “[FLDC] is not the same team any more. They are a lot better now.”

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Source: Football News
Link : The Fiver | A major diplomatic row in the Championship

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