Saturday, August 8

The Joy of Six: football title run-ins | Gregg Bakowski

A full-tilt Liverpool charge, Napoli’s epic collapse, missing boots, broken Hearts and Cantona’s economical brilliance feature

Hooliganism, Heysel and the Bradford fire had left English football on the brink of oblivion in 1985. On-field action desperately needed to take centre stage again and Ron Atkinson’s Manchester United came waltzing out from behind the curtain to hog the spotlight, winning 10 on the bounce and opening up a 13-point lead over runaway reigning champions, Everton. “It’s all yours, Ron!” screamed one headline in November. It was a leap to imagine that by April “Atkinson Out” banners would be on display at Old Trafford after a side light on physicality crumbled, losing 10 games.

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Source: Football News
Link : The Joy of Six: football title run-ins | Gregg Bakowski

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