Premier League team news and more: weekend football countdown – live!

The Football League has released a statement on its investigation into the Leeds v Derby spying incident. It says that they need to gather more evidence before arriving at a judgment on the matter.

At its meeting on Friday afternoon, the EFL Board (*excluding representatives of the Championship) considered the matter of the incident in the vicinity of Derby County’s training ground on Thursday, January 10. Following a comprehensive review of all available evidence, it was determined that there remain a number of areas that require further exploration and clarification and these investigations will take place at the earliest opportunity. An update on this matter will be provided following receipt and analysis of those subsequent enquiries and until this point no further comment will be made.

*Championship Directors were not involved in this discussion as a result of potential conflicts of interest.

It’s incredible how Kevin De Bruyne has been reduced to a squad-player role at Manchester City since returning in mid-December. I know he has suffered with injury but it says much about the wealth of options available to Pep Guardiola that the Belgian has been able to be brought back into the action so slowly. Here’s Pep talking about De Bruyne’s role:

It’s quite possible [he does not play]. Every player knows it’s quite possible to play and quite possible not to. It is what it is. At the end we judge the players for who they are but they are to perform. There are moments when they are not in better condition, when teammates are in better condition than them. In football what you have done is in the past. You have to do it again. We try to control the players. He played the last two games. I preferred (he played) for a few minutes at Everton. He went out for five mins, plus extra time, and he was incredible – giving the assist, the behaviour, the attitude, everything. I want him to sustain that for a long time. Sometimes when you’re out a long time injured you need [to be careful] a bit there. I don’t want him playing game, game, game.

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Link : Premier League team news and more: weekend football countdown – live!

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