PSG prove too good for Manchester United and Paul Pogba is sent off

For Manchester United perhaps it was a reality check, a reminder of their various imperfections and how tough it can be at the elite level of European football. Ole Gunnar Solskjær has passed every other test with distinction. Not here, though. Outscored, outpassed and outsung – their night culminated with a red card for Paul Pogba and it will need something remarkable if they can save themselves in the return leg at Parc des Princes.

In reality, who can really see them pulling off that kind of feat of escapology on the evidence of this tie? Paris Saint-Germain took a while to realise they were the superior side but once they seized control, it must have been startling for Solskjær to see the way his team lapsed into bad habits. If anything, PSG had enough chances to win even more convincingly, whereas it was difficult to remember a single moment when Gianluigi Buffon was seriously endangered. To describe United’s performance as six out of 10 would be generous.

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Source: Football News
Link : PSG prove too good for Manchester United and Paul Pogba is sent off

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