Football transfer rumours: Thomas Meunier to Everton?

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What now for Kepa Arrizabalaga? While Maurizio Sarri and his goalkeeper have attempted to dress up the latter’s refusal to leave the field of play when substituted in yesterday’s Carabao Cup final as “a misunderstanding”, there seems little doubt it was in fact a gross act of insubordination. While a similar refusal to follow orders in the army would earn a soldier up to five years in the stockade or a dishonourable discharge, such is the power of the petulant and expensive players in the Chelsea dressing-room that it is likely to be Sarri who will be drummed out of the club.

Whether this happens sooner rather than later remains to be seen, but the ramifications may spread as far as Leicester City. While Brendan Rodgers is the odds on favourite to replace Claude Puel following the Frenchman’s inevitable dismissal, the famously ambitious Celtic boss may actually fancy his chances of getting his backside into the Big Chair at Stamford Bridge and decide to bide his time.

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Link : Football transfer rumours: Thomas Meunier to Everton?

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