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The way some folk go on, you’d think managing the Queen’s Celtic was as simple as turning up, clocking in, tootling a verse or two of The Fields of Athenry on a tin whistle, throwing your boots up and lighting a cigar, then waiting for the silverware to answer the call and roll into the trophy room, three at a time. But tell that to John Barnes. Or Tony Mowbray. Or Jo Venglos, Lou Macari or Liam Brady. It’s not quite as easy as Brendan Rodgers has been making it look. He’s won all seven domestic trophies on offer since taking over at Parkhead in 2016, becoming the first man in history to win two consecutive trebles. He’s well on the way to an almost inconceivable third, which makes his decision to immediately naff off back down south the very minute the first Premier League club came calling – the chair in his office still spinning, sheets of paper gently gliding back down on to the desk – seem rather surprising. Shocking, even. Oh Brenny! How could you! And you “living the dream” and all!

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