By Jeremy Longley With 400000 a week Mesut Özil (30) …

By Jeremy Longley With 400000 a week Mesut Özil (30) is one of the highest paid players in the Premier League. But the German playmaker could have become one of the highest paid footballers in the world this summer. As his contract expired the former Werder Bremen and Real Madrid player refused a real gold bridge from Asia the London Evening Standard revealed on Tuesday. He said no to an offer of 1.15m per week – the name of the club in question did not filter – to stay in Arsenal and extend his lease until June 2021. Its representative Dr Erkut Sogut explained his choice in the columns of the English tabloid. "We received huge offers from Asia there were even crazy offers. But for Mesut money is not the main driver. This is obviously an important factor to take into account but people must remember that football skills are only one aspect of contractual negotiation. The commercial impact of players is also crucial these days. Mesut is the most popular Premier League player on social networks and I just read that his jersey is the most sold at the club. All this information must be taken into account. So the commercial aspect is huge for a player like Mesut who played in different countries and was Germany's No. 10 with whom he won the 2014 World Cup. Its market is global. The club also makes money with these types of players. He followed what he felt in his heart. We were free to sign for other clubs and finally Mesut chose the love he has for the club. I presented him with the offers and he simply replied: "This is my home here I want to be here" he said.

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