The Fiver | Oh Sergio! What have you done?!

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Say what you will about Sergio Ramos, and we hear that some folk are beginning to form opinions, but the man is quite good at defending. Sadly he wasn’t able to show off any of that ability on Tuesday night, on account of the cynical booking he picked up towards the end of Real Madrid’s 2-1 Big Cup win at Ajax, a clean slate for the inevitable quarter-final the welcome result. Sly Sergio! Clever Sergio! Hard-nosed professional Sergio! But it’s a thin line between success and abject failure containing enough comedic value to get ‘em rolling in the aisles all the way from the Metropolitano to Merseyside. And oh! Oh Sergio! What have you done?!

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Source: Football News
Link : The Fiver | Oh Sergio! What have you done?!

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