The Fiver | Oh PSG! How on earth have you managed to let it happen again?

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A lot has been said about the effect Big Cup has had on football down the years, and little of it has been positive, but you won’t catch The Fiver slagging off Uefa’s flagship competition. Not after the hilarity of Sergio Ramos’s cunning ruse blowing up in his face was followed by the the sight of Neymar trying to make sense of yet another spectacular Paris Saint-Germain collapse 24 hours later, with the nobbled Brazilian star helpless on the sidelines as his hapless team-mates outdid themselves by losing to a Manchester United side held together by Lord Ferg’s old chewing gum 24 hours later. Mmmm! Gotta love that schadenfreude! Gotta love the little guy – and for the sake of simplicity, we’ll have to cast the biggest and richest club in England in that role here – landing one on those celebrity-hugging Parisian losers, who’ve only gone and blown it again, this time with a performance of such lazy arrogance that The Fiver isn’t even going to sympathise with them over that VAR call.

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Link : The Fiver | Oh PSG! How on earth have you managed to let it happen again?

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