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I’m a long-term Tottenham resident and lifelong Spurs fan living just a few minutes’ walk from the stadium. There is no need to waste public money on renaming White Hart Lane rail station as Tottenham Hotspur (Report, 18 March). Spurs are known for playing at “The Lane”. The effort by the current owners of Spurs to get the name changed is another attempt by corporate interests to makeover and rebrand Tottenham. It is a vibrant multicultural working-class area with a strong sense of community. Neoliberalism can’t stand that.
Keith Flett
Tottenham, London

• The heart-warming photograph (Front page, 18 March) of Jacinda Ardern hugging a worshipper at a Wellington mosque made me wonder how our own prime minister, Theresa May, would have responded to such a tragic event as the Christchurch killings. Then I remembered the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, and I got my answer.
John R Gill
Heswall, Wirral

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Link : Tottenham Hotspur station is a bad idea | Brief letters

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