Wednesday, February 26

Juan Fernando Quintero: a reminder of the glory days of football's No10

The Colombian tore his ACL last weekend. He brings back memories of a time when the game cared less about fitting players into boxes

In recent years, football has attempted to eliminate subjectivity. The rise of VAR is the most obvious example, but we also see players’ movements tracked by GPS and statistics such as expected goals abound. The pure No10 – a player trusted to organize chaos and produce results from the unknown – is a casualty of our era.

Until Sunday, Juan Fernando Quintero was one of the few remaining creators still allowed to work at his own pace. He was at the top of his form last year, lifting River Plate to their fourth Copa Libertadores title. But just before halftime in a 3-0 win over Independiente last weekend, he tore his ACL as he tried to beat the opposing fullback. His career is by no means over but the 26-year-old will likely miss the rest of the season and this summer’s Copa America.

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Source: Football News
Link : Juan Fernando Quintero: a reminder of the glory days of football’s No10

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