Barcelona pocket another league title while rivals scratch their heads

It was billed as the title decider, but Atlético Madrid were no match for the league leaders in a race now all but ended

It was half past 10 on 6 April, still six weeks and seven matches from the end of the season, when Barcelona’s fans started to sing about being champions and no one thought it particularly presumptuous. A minute earlier, Luis Suárez had scored the first, skidded on his knees across the grass waving his shirt around his wrist and was engulfed by his teammates, just lying there when he was at last let loose, taking it all in, top held in his outstretched hand. Now, 90 seconds later, a sudden snap of Leo Messi’s ankle and they’d scored again, which was when “campeones, oé, oé, oé” ran round the Camp Nou: 2-0, game over. League over, too.

“Suárez and Messi bring down the curtain,” said the front of AS; they “turned out the lights”, its match report said. “Champion,” declared the cover of El Mundo Deportivo. “Another league! Now for the Champions League,” cheered Sport. And Marca led on Karim Benzema, who’d scored two against Eibar. A box alongside admitted: “Another league in their pocket.” Diego Simeone had said before the game that Atlético had to beat Barcelona to have any chance of winning the league, and they hadn’t. After it, he said: “We’ll come back next year, compete, and hopefully get a bit closer.” Zinedine Zidane had already announced, six days earlier: “We’re not going to win anything this season.”

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Source: Football News
Link : Barcelona pocket another league title while rivals scratch their heads

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