Tuesday, August 11

The Fiver | Scotland's latest Hampden humiliation

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Nobody likes the international break, do they, we’ve established that. But this current one hasn’t been so bad, has it? Narrow your eyes, squint real hard, suspend disbelief, have some more of your magic whisky, and you could almost convince yourself that we’re still roaming the magic lands of the much more entertaining Premier League, a place of pure imagination where Daniel James keeps curling them in from distance, Teemu Pukki scores futile goals in lost causes, and Watford sack their manager every 18 minutes. Also Scotland keep losing heavily at home, which is nothing to do with our bread-and-butter reverie, but it is another repetitive thing that happens quite a lot in life.

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Source: Football News
Link : The Fiver | Scotland’s latest Hampden humiliation

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