Monday, August 3

The Coral's Jack Prince: ‘I’m used to football being ruined’

In between gigs the drummer is taking his Uefa coaching badge in Wales and says it is ‘not for fun and games’

I still need you but I don’t want you now.

As usual Jack Prince is first off stage, followed by James Skelly in his stetson and shades. Inside the 11,000-seat arena they are cheering, Dreaming Of You closes the set and the band heads into the dark backstage, past piles of cables and flashing consoles, to the dressing room. A sheet of A4 is stuck on the door, “The Coral” printed on it. Inside, it is grey, basic, bottles loaded on a table, bags strewn about and after the initial diagnosis – “boss gig, that” – conversation soon returns to where it had been a couple of hours earlier: football.

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Source: Football News
Link : The Coral’s Jack Prince: ‘I’m used to football being ruined’

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